Forms & Documents

In most cases, you can open and manage your account online or over the phone. If you prefer, you can download forms and documents here, print them out, and send them back to us at:

    UA College Savings Plan
    P.O. Box 17300
    Baltimore, MD 21297-1300

And of course, if you have any questions, we welcome your call at



Account Services Form

Update your contact information or bank information; add or change a successor; request duplicate statements or confirmations; and add or update Automatic Monthly Contributions (AMC).


Annual Report 06/30/19


Beneficiary/Portfolio Change Form

Change the beneficiary or portfolio.


Contribution Slip

Add additional contributions to an account.


Custodian Form

Remove a custodian or rename the custodian as the account holder.


Distribution Form

Request distributions from your account. We recommend that you complete and return this form two weeks before you need your distribution. Distributions for the University of Alaska Portfolio must be handled using the PDF of the form.


Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Enroll an Employee into the UA College Savings Plan Payroll Deduction Option. The Employee's account must be opened prior to completing this form.


Enrollment Kit

Get everything you need to enroll in our plan including our Plan Disclosure Document.


Gift Contribution Slip

Make a gift contribution to an existing account.


New Account Agreement Form

Open an account in the UA College Savings Plan. Please review the Plan Disclosure Document before completing the New Account Agreement.


Payroll Deduction Portal Access Form

For Employers to establish the UA College Savings Plan Payroll Deduction Option for their organization.


PFD Direct Deposit Form

Sign up to deposit your full PFD contribution into your account. Remember you must also answer "Yes" on your PFD application to be entered into the $25K Scholarship Account Giveaway. Certain restrictions apply, see the complete rules for details.


PFD Refund Form

Request a refund of your contribution made through the PFD into the University of Alaska Portfolio.


Plan Disclosure Document

Understand the terms and details of participating in our plan. This information should be read carefully before investing.


Rollover Form

Roll over assets directly from another qualified tuition plan (529 Plan) to a UA College Savings Plan account.


Tax Refund Direct Deposit Form

Sign up to deposit your income tax refund into your account.


Transfer Between Accounts Form

Transfer assets from one account to another account within the plan.

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