You may be eligible for a $250 contribution from Alaska 529.

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Alaska 529 knows that getting off the starting block when saving for education can be challenging. That's why the Dash to Save incentive program was designed to help families get a strong start with a $250 incentive contribution.


  • Beginning January 1, 2024, new account relationshipsA unique account holder/ beneficiary relationship that is new to Alaska 529. No previously existing account has or has had the same account holder with the same beneficiary. may be eligible for new accounts opened and funded during 2024.
  • Open and fund your account with a minimum contribution of $25.
  • You may be eligible for a $250 incentive contribution.§


Open and fund a new account relationship this calendar year, and you may be eligible to receive a $250 contribution.§ You can get started with a minimum of $25, but the more you invest, the more potential savings you'll have for future education expenses.


You can only qualify once for the Dash to Save incentive program per account relationship.

A new account relationship consists of a unique account holder/beneficiary relationship that is new to Alaska 529. This means that no previously existing account has or has had the same account holder with the same beneficiary. 


There are no residency or age restrictions for the account holder or the beneficiary.

You can make your initial investment with a one-time contribution, a payment through Automatic Monthly Contributions (AMC) or direct deposit, a gift contribution, or a rollover-in from a 529 plan not offered by the Education Trust of Alaska.

Yes, accounts opened through PFD contributions are eligible for the Dash to Save incentive program as long as the following criteria are met:


  • This account must be a new account holder/beneficiary relationship to Alaska 529.
  • The account must be opened and funded with $25 or more prior to the date of the PFD distribution.


Learn more about saving your PFD.

The contribution will be paid in February of the year after it is earned. For example, for a qualifying new account relationship opened in 2024, the contribution will be paid in February of 2025.


At the end of the calendar year, new accounts will be reviewed to identify new account relationships established in 2024 based on date and time stamp that the account was funded. All qualified account relationships will receive the $250 incentive contribution on their account by February 2025.

Save in alaska. study anywhere.

The world is full of opportunities. Finding the spark that fuels the imagination is what life is all about. Whatever career path your child might choose, Alaska 529 has a plan for it. Let us help you turn your child's sparks into a bright, bright future.


  • Any earnings grow tax-deferred, and qualified distributions are exempt from federal taxes.*
  • Anyone can open or contribute to a 529 account, including grandparents, family members, and friends.
  • You can use your assets in or outside of Alaska at any eligible university, college, vocational school, apprenticeship, or even K-12 public, private, and religious schools.+
  • We offer unique features, such as the ability for Alaska residents to invest through the PFD and the University of Alaska Portfolio, that offers the UA Tuition-Value Guarantee, which allows you to purchase UA tuition credits at current rates for use in the future.
  • Nonresident beneficiaries may be eligible for resident tuition anywhere in the University of Alaska system.
Alaska 529 is committed to helping you every step of the way. Contributing regularly with systematic contributions can help maximize your savings potential and meet your education savings goals.
That's why we've created the new Dash to Save More® incentive program designed to help current and new account holders by rewarding systematic savings behavior with a $100 account contribution.