Anchorage -- 12-year-old Alejandra Choi was randomly selected as the winner of this year’s $25,000 scholarship account giveaway. Everyone who chose to automatically invest their 2023 PFD in an Alaska 529 account was entered into the giveaway.


Alejandra attends Goldenview Middle School in Anchorage. Alaska 529 surprised the 7th grader with the announcement during a UAA Seawolves volleyball game.

Alejandra’s parents, Simon Choi and Erika Rodriguez, were notified shortly after she was selected.


“We are thrilled and grateful to receive this scholarship account for Alejandra’s education, and grateful for the doors it will open for her,” said Mr. Choi.” “Education is important to our family, so we didn’t hesitate to answer ‘Yes’ on our PFD applications.” Alejandra can use the scholarship at any eligible college, university, vocational, or technical school, in or out of Alaska.


“The opportunity to win this scholarship is a huge incentive for families to save their PFDs for future education - it’s a win-win that can change lives,” said Lael Oldmixon, executive director of Alaska 529. “What’s more, Alejandra’s scholarship account has an additional six years of potential growth before she heads to college.”


This is the 14th year of the annual giveaway, sponsored by Alaska 529 and funded by the Education Trust of Alaska, with nearly 14,000 applicants.  Alaska residents can qualify for the 2024 giveaway by answering “Yes” to the Alaska 529 question when applying for the annual PFD. 


Past performance cannot guarantee future results.  All investments are subject to market risk, including the potential loss of principal.