Saving for College in a Volatile Market

In partnership with its program manager, T. Rowe Price, Alaska 529 has continued to closely monitor the markets to ensure that we are doing our best to help you navigate challenging times while continuing to save for education. Volatile financial markets can bring uncertainty, especially if your child is nearing the end of high school or is currently enrolled in college or vocational school.


We’ve asked T. Rowe Price Certified Financial Planners Judith Ward and Roger Young to discuss their perspectives on saving for future education expenses during a volatile market, dealing with near-term tuition bills, and why it’s important to stay on track with your savings strategy. They have written an article called Saving for College in a Volatile Market.



A few key takeaways from the article:


  • If possible, resist the urge to make changes to your investment strategy.
  • Investors who maintain their exposure to stocks during a market downturn tend to get better results once the market recovers.


  • Enrollment-based portfolios are managed to automatically become more conservative with less exposure to the stock market over time.


Alaska 529 is here to help you through all market conditions, and we maintain our commitment to delivering the high level of service you expect and deserve. Read Saving for College in a Volatile Market and see why it’s important to stay on track with your education savings. For more information on the benefits of saving with Alaska 529, visit our Why Alaska 529 page.