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Balancing Saving for College and Retirement Podcast

Finding the right balance between saving for future education needs while saving for retirement can feel overwhelming. How do you strike the right balance between these two financial goals?


The CONFIDENT CONVERSATIONSTM podcast series, created by our program manager T. Rowe Price, features experts sharing their perspectives and provides tangible strategies to use on a range of topics. In the Balancing Saving for College and Retirement podcast, host Christine Akins, is joined by retirement expert Joshua Dietch and college savings expert Alyson Luszcz to address how to save for education while not creating a cash flow problem in retirement. The podcast also features ways in which employers may offer assistance with paying down student debt or saving for college.


The podcast is available on iTunes or available for download here.


To learn more about different types of savings strategies such as automatic monthly contributions, direct deposit, or gifting that are available for a 529 account, visit the account holder page.